Just turn it on. And go.

Users with any connected Wi-Fi device can understand, create and share in real time like never before.

A breakthrough that lets workers and learners choose when, where and how they will collaborate.

When we say “breakthrough”—we mean it.

  • Completely mobile—opening up more convenient, more enjoyable places to get work done.
  • Configurable with high definition monitors that deliver crisp, vivid clarity.
  • Load it with intuitive software that lets any connected device screen share and see the work of up to 4 others–all wirelessly and in real time.
  • Allows the audience view and save the presenting screen image in standard web browsers.
  • Integrated electronic and actual white boards that invite spontaneity and idea generation (not available on all models)

Who are we? We.hub is a spirited new division of Cabinet-Tronix, a dynamic San Diego-based Company that revolutionized TV lift cabinet systems through its unique design concepts and telescoping life systems. After many years of rapid growth and earning a reputation for innovation and quality, we are revolutionizing how people learn and work gets done.